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Updated: Jun 2

Discovering My Design Passion: The Evolution of Andtopia Style

View of a minimalist home office through wooden sliding barn doors. The room features a white wall with panel detailing, a brown leather office chair, a desk, and a ceiling fan. A wall art piece with the word 'Love' adds a personal touch to the space.

Moving in with my husband into our first apartment marked the beginning of a transformative journey, not just in life but also in discovering my passion for interior design. Our first home together was a modest 645 square feet, a space that I had to make uniquely ours. With no prior experience in design, I navigated this journey through trial and error, learning valuable lessons along the way.

The Beginning: Small Space, Big Challenges

In our tiny apartment, every piece of furniture and decor had to serve a purpose. I spent countless hours searching for items that represented both of us, but my lack of experience led to many mistakes. Measurement mishaps, clashing styles, and misplaced items were common. However, these errors were manageable due to the small size of our space. This period was a crash course in the basics of design, teaching me about spatial awareness, functionality, and aesthetics.

A New Chapter: From 645 to 3100 Square Feet

Our next big step was purchasing our first home, a sprawling 3100 square feet compared to our cozy apartment. The transition was overwhelming yet exhilarating. Suddenly, I had a blank canvas with endless possibilities. This was where my true love for interior design blossomed. I dived headfirst into learning everything I could about design styles, mood boards, and creating cohesive spaces.

Evolution of My Style in Casa Courtois

Casa Courtois, our first home, became a playground for my evolving design style. Initially, I leaned towards maximalism, filling spaces with a plethora of decor items and furniture. It was an exploration phase where I was finding my footing and understanding what worked best in larger spaces. Over time, I shifted towards minimalism, appreciating the beauty of simplicity and clean lines.

My taste also transitioned from rustic to modern. In the early days, I was drawn to the warmth and coziness of rustic decor—natural wood, distressed finishes, and vintage elements. However, as I experimented and refined my style within Casa Courtois, I found a love for modern aesthetics—sleek lines, neutral palettes, and a more streamlined look.

Despite this evolution, I learned that blending styles can create a unique and personalized space. Elements of the rustic theme carried over into my modern minimalist approach, giving it a distinctive twist that felt both fresh and familiar.

Lessons Learned

  1. Start Small: Beginning in a small space allowed me to make contained mistakes and learn without overwhelming myself.

  2. Embrace Evolution: Your style will evolve. What you love today might change tomorrow, and that's okay. Embrace the journey.

  3. Functionality First: Especially in small spaces, every piece should have a purpose. This mindset carried over to larger spaces, ensuring functionality and beauty coexist.

  4. Experiment and Adapt: Don’t be afraid to mix styles and try new things. This is how you find your unique voice in design.

Visual Transformation of Casa Courtois

The images below showcase the evolution of Casa Courtois, our first home, and my design journey within that space. From the initial setup to the final transformation, each picture tells a story of growth and discovery.

  • Image 1:The initial office setup in Casa Courtois, a blend of mismatched styles and learning curves.

  • Image 2: The evolved office, embracing modern minimalism with clean lines and functional decor.

Casa Courtois was a pivotal project in my design journey, but it represents a past evolution of my style. Today, my approach continues to grow and change, influenced by new experiences and inspirations. I hope my story inspires you to explore your own design style, embrace your mistakes, and create spaces that truly feel like home.


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