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Welcome to "Our Homes", where I share the heart and soul of Andtopia. Here, you’ll explore a collection of my home transformation projects, each one a testament to my passion for design and creativity. From my very first project, Casa Courtois, to my latest endeavors, every project showcases my unique approach to turning builder-grade spaces into personalized havens.

Modern farmhouse tv room with lounge sectional, pouf, throw rack, and californiaca closets custom cabinetry


My very first adventure in home transformation. This project was a labor of love, where I infused a minimalist spin into the modern farmhouse aesthetic. 

Take a look at some my favorite rooms here.


Modern minimalist with a touch of Scandinavian influence. This project was all about creating a serene and stylish living space, where clean lines, neutral colors, and natural elements come together seamlessly. View my favorite rooms here.

Modern living room with scandinavian accents
Scandinavian Reading Nook



Coming soon

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