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Hi there! I'm Andaika Courtois, and welcome to Andtopia. Andtopia stands for Andaika’s utopia, and it's the inspiration behind every home we choose to buy or apartment we decide to settle in. My passion for interior design took root after we purchased our first home, and since then, I've been dedicated to creating beautiful, functional spaces that truly feel like home for our family.


At Andtopia, I share the heart and soul behind each project. From finding the perfect home to collaborating with talented contractors and designers, I pour my creativity and love into every detail. This journey is all about making our house a home, and I'm thrilled to share every step with you.


Join me as I explore new design ideas, tackle home transformations, and craft spaces that reflect our unique style and needs. I hope my stories and tips inspire you to bring your own home design dreams to life.


Welcome to my journey!




Andaika Courtois

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